Annuity Income Illustrator

Annuity Income Illustrator The Annuity Income Illustrator is an innovative annuity illustration and income calculator that displays Fixed Indexed Annuity Income Rider Payouts side-by-side from multiple insurance carriers. The Annuity Income Illustrator is entirely web based and is accessible for licensed Annuity Agents 24/7. Illustrations can also be sent to PDF for later printing or viewing.
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Core Product Features
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest Income - Quickly identify the highest, second highest and third highest Income Rider income payouts for each deferred year of the annuity contract. Our Income Illustrator displays calculated income and highlights the highest and second highest payouts by carrier product.
  • Illustrate Multiple Scenarios - Easily change parameters such as premium, premium qualification, payout type and age to illustrate different scenarios
  • Illustrate Index Stacking - For products that allow stacking, you can easily illustrate hypothetical index growth applied to the Income Rider and the associated income payouts.
  • Support for Multiple States and Carriers - The Annuity Income Illustrator compares income payouts from multiple carriers and products for 49 states (NY excluded). We update our carriers and products on a regular basis.
  • Product Variations Included - Our unique illustration takes into account state, premium, deferral years and age availability related product variations that affect the way bonus, roll up period and roll up rate are applied to the account balance and eventual income payout for each income rider.
  • Flexibility - Pick the carriers for a state based Product Profile and illustrate as little as 3 Income Riders or illustrate all income riders for each carrier side-by-side. When illustrating 18 Income Riders or less you can easily save the Annuity Income Illustration to PDF for later viewing.
Key Benefits
  • Save Time and Money! - Our very competitive monthly subscription cost is a small price to pay compared to the many hours spent manually comparing annuity income rider payouts. As an annuity professional, you are keenly aware of how many annuity products exist and how time consuming it is to look up carrier illustrations for each product in order to determine the highest income payouts. The Annuity Income Illustrator does all the research for you and gives you instant results.
  • Find the Right Product and Increase Sales! - Whether you are new to annuity sales or a seasoned professional, every good salesman knows that making the sale is about putting the right product, in front of the right customer, at the right time. The Annuity Income Illustrator helps you by giving you a powerful tool to find just the right product for each customer scenario.
Instructional Video: Annuity Income Illustrator sample
Subscription Pricing: Individual Subscriber: $39 a month. Annual subscriptions receive a 25% Discount!
FMO Subscriber: Contact Us for FMO subscription models.
Included Carriers:
  • Allianz
  • Allianz Preferred
  • American Equity
  • American General
  • Athene
  • EquiTrust
  • Fidelity & Guaranty
  • Global Atlantic
  • Great American
  • Guggenheim TriVysta *
  • Legacy
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • National Western
  • North American
  • Oxford
  • Protective Life
  • Sentinel Security
  • * Contract required with Annuity Agents Alliance